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I can’t remember what got me listening to podcasts, but I’m sure it has something to do with my love for talk radio. I enjoy listening to music, but I also really love finding out what people have to say. So I can’t recall the first podcast I subscribed to, but I was listening to podcasts before Serial.

I think it was during harvest one year, and I was coming up with all these ideas for the blog, but I couldn’t really act on them while driving tractor. Somewhere in there I heard something that sent me to find podcasts about blogging and I found a great one called How To Blog, by Kat Lee. If I had to be combining or hauling wagons, at least I could be logging how-to’s from the experts.

Anyway, I was hooked. I found that the right podcast could be the perfect length for washing dishes, exercising, or making dinner. For those of us trapped in our houses with small children, it’s like adult conversation delivered right to your ears! Amazing.

I started looking for encouraging podcasts for women, especially for life as a Christian. Between friendship drama, marital struggles, and parenting, I needed some Gospel Truth during the day to help me keep my eyes fixed on Jesus! Something I could listen to that would build-up and help straighten out my attitude.

The New and Noteworthy and Most Popular lists weren’t exactly filled with faith-focused shows, so I just started doing some searches. I discovered all sorts of shows. Parenting, marriage, Christian living, working women, entrepreneurial.. every possible interest seemed to be on there.

But as I listened to the shows, I heard something over and over that became really frustrating. Most of the shows for women had a habit of focusing in on to-do lists. Topics like How I Can Be a Better Mom,

or 27 Ways to Love My Husband.

5 Things Not to Do At Church This Weekend.

12 Ways to EXPERIENCE God.

You know how rampant the number titles are. (guilty)

Anyway, I definitely want to love my husband and be the best parent I can for my kids, but it felt like weight I was putting on. I was looking for something to listen to that would uplift me and give me a better attitude. Not make me feel bad for all the things I wasn’t doing.

Furthermore, there was this very flowery, girly tone to most of them that turned me off immediately. There’s always a feel or some imagery that a podcast brings to one’s mind, a flowery wallpapered closet with overbearing bossy ladies was not what I was looking for. I also wasn’t looking for valley girls with excessively cheery dispositions. Could we get a realistic balance here? Oh man.

Anyway, this isn’t to say all podcasts are like this. And for goodness sakes, maybe you have found some girly ones you just love!

Instead, what I found was the increasing urge to start my own. A She Finds Truth podcast, where I could create the content I was looking for.

What do you think about this for cover art? I have to have some image to go with the podcast. If you have suggestions, let me know!

What do you think about this for cover art? I have to have some image to go with the podcast. If you have suggestions, let me know!

I wanted a women’s podcast with a solid theological foundation, specifically Lutheran in infrastructure. And I found none.

I wanted a Christian podcast regular woman could relate to. Where Law and Gospel are shared regularly, and down-to-earth hosts are matter of fact about the Truth. The truth is, plenty of women are unaware of the gazillions of REALITIES we share.

I don’t want to preach how I’ve blazed a path and you need to do what I do. I want to host a community to take this journey with me. Figuring things out as we go. Asking honest questions and getting complicated answers. But at the end of the day settling into the Truth that God is sovereign, loving, and merciful. And that’s what I really need to lay my head on. Not my own doings.

Join me next week when I launch my podcast She Finds Truth. I promise no bossy old ladies and no burden-bearing. But lots of God’s goodness as He has poured it out to us in His Word. And matter-of-fact conversation about regular ol’ life. It should be fun. Sign up on my email list and I’ll shoot you an email when I hit publish for the first time.

See you then!

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