When Your Plan Falls Through, Make A New One

I’ve been planning the start of 2015 for a good 3 months. 

The plan was basically to quit my farm-hand job, launch the new website, and focus full-time (as full-time as I can get with Eddie in the house) on my ministry. Oh the planning! It’s pretty much my favorite part. I had schedules, binders, and apps set up and ready to make visions a reality. I had expectations, evaluations, and a few apprehensions. 

It was gonna be great. 

photo credit: alykat via photopin cc

photo credit: alykat via photopin cc

Monday morning arrived and two of the three kids were shipped off to school. It was about to begin. 

But instead what began was a series of phone calls that led me to the serious consideration of a temporary, full-time job substitute teaching for the next couple months. 


This was not the plan. 

Not my plan, but clearly someone’s. The way it all fell into place left me with little doubt this was ordained for our family at this time. (Deep breathing.) Regardless of how I felt about it. 

I am excited to have such confidence in this decision. I am excited for the opportunities this will open up for me in the future (I don’t need to elaborate on this today except to say my sub-certificate will finally be current again!). And I am amazed at how well my brain has adapted to this new plan.

It’s one more reminder of how God’s driving this beautiful mess and I’m along for the bumpy ride. It’s one more example of how He says “Go” and we say ok, because we’ve learned not to argue. Of how I have great ideas, but His provision is beyond anything I could even consider. 

 So since all my plans changed, I’m creating new schedules, new charts, and new plans for the next few months. I shared on FB that I made a menu plan for the month and I was asked to share. I’m having lots of insecurities lately, so I mentioned my hesitancy. One friend’s response was, “Since when do you post things to impress others?!?”  Thanks for the reminder, Ellen. This blog is about reality and everyday life. My 2015 reality has changed so here is one piece of my everyday life!

Download (PDF, 48KB)

Download (PDF, 30KB)

I’m not guaranteeing this menu is followed faithfully by me over the course of the next month. But at least I made a plan. And if my plan falls through… well, it will fit in nicely with the rest of my reality.  

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