Unhating Mornings When You Want to Be Grateful (Not Hateful)

This post is only for non-morning people. Morning people will not get this.

Unhating Mornings

When I think about getting-out-of-bed in the morning, and some sort of ideal that must exist and probably how it works for other people – I imagine their eyes popping open at 6 o’clock in the morning, they spring out of bed, and get right to it.

Of course the first thing they do is read their Bible for 15 minutes. They have an impactful session, sit reflectively in prayer for another 10 minutes, and feel a keen satisfaction at their new-found knowledge. Then they exercise vigorously for 30 minutes, take a shower, get dressed and ready, and get some breakfast. Now they are happily and dutifully prepared to start their day of solving the world’s problems. Or at least their family’s.

Let’s see, that would be 6 plus 30, plus 30… ok so about an hour for the Bible and exercise, then dressed and ready basically by 8.


What about the kids?

What about getting them ready for the bus and sending them off to school?

Do people really do a 2 hour ME-Time routine in the mornings before their kids get up? With our new schedule this year, that would mean I would need to get up at, let’s see, yeah 4:30 AM.

Oh goodness.

This makes me want to crawl back into bed right now.

I’m not a morning person. Never have been and many days I wonder if it’s possible for me at all. I want to utilize those hours, but overall, so far, I can’t get it right. This morning I hit the snooze a couple times. It’s summer so I can get away with some of that these days. Our days go long, and my kids play hard, and then sleep in. (Well except for the 4 year old, but he’s pretty low-maintenance first thing in the morning.) If we were truly self-sufficient, we would keep this schedule all year long and it wouldn’t matter. But of course we don’t live on a commune. We have to play along with the rest of the world’s schedule. So here I am.

Today when I woke up and actually got out of bed, my brain was groggy. Everything was a blur even though I should have been prepared to get up after hitting the snooze 3 times. My eyes did NOT pop open and it was way past 6 AM. I stumbled into the kitchen, got my son his morning drink of apple juice, used the bathroom, and put my hair up. I still didn’t feel clear-minded. That’s the moment when often I would fall back into bed, wanting more sleep to solve the haziness clouding my head.

But I didn’t. And I got to thinking, maybe when other people wake up at 6 AM it’s not the cherries and roses I think it is. Maybe it’s less cut and dry and maybe there is some kind of wake-up time built in.

Well, actually I know some people DO just wake up and BOOM they are fully conscious.

Alright so maybe recovering-sleep-iners, have figured out a way to build-in a wake-up session. That’s what I need to know about. What does that look like? And how long is a reasonable time? And will I just use my wake up session to go back to bed?


I want to have a big conversation about this with other non-morning people. I need some strategies for making this a reality. I am going to have to get out of bed way earlier this school year and I don’t want to set myself up for failure. And don’t tell me to go to bed earlier. There has to be a way I can make this work with less than 9 hours of sleep. I’m not going to bed at 9. It’s just not in the cards.

A good friend suggested instead of a checklist to build my morning, maybe I need a survival kit. She said, “I have too many lists and not enough survival kits.” That sounds like genius. Ok, what would that look like? I could wrap myself a present every night before I go to bed. lol Maybe that would be motivating. But really I think she’s onto something.

What do you think? What would you put in your Early Mornings Survival Kit?


Unhating Mornings When You Want to Be Grateful Not Hateful


6 Responses

  1. Heidi says:

    My early morning survival kit would have to include some magical motivation (like, channeling my 6yo self on Christmas morning type of motivation). When I’ve done this successfully (though not long-term…I’m still not great at mornings), I need to have a peek inside that “survival kit” last thing before I drift off to sleep and there needs to be something in there that I’m actually really looking forward to…seeing the sunrise, having a special snack that I don’t have to share with my kids, or just the build-up of knowing something really great IS going to happen, and I haven’t even unwrapped it yet and don’t know what is in store. It’s usually less tangible for me.

  2. Kelly Milk says:

    I love this. All of it. My morning brain may not be able to process any type of gift 🙂 I think my survival crutches, as of right now are my pre made shake, my robe, and my glasses. As soon as my robe and glasses are in place I can see and walk. Once the shake is consumed, speaking becomes easier. I’d love to add something else because I still hate mornings and are in awe of those who do it with much more determination and a lot less whining. My kids do very well and I am so lucky for that! Thanks for starting this Convo!

    • Angie Wagner says:

      I love this list. I wonder if a robe would help. I’m so addicted to texture and coziness. If I could walk around in something textured and cozy, that could be motivating! Thanks for zooming in on your morning essentials for me.

  3. Lizzie says:

    Coffee – must have coffee. Kids get Netflix, I get 2 cups of coffee. Knowing that I can usually have this time, uninterrupted, is good motivation. And I started a new devotional which also would go into the survival kit. “Savor” by Shauna Niequist.

    • Angie Wagner says:

      Good call, Liz. Also that book sounds great. I heard an interview with her and I was sold! I’ll get it as soon as I get through a couple more of the devo pile I have here… 😉

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