Thank You!!

Thank you so much for contributing financially to support my podcasting efforts! These funds will go directly towards expenses that come with recording, uploading, and storing this podcast. I was very reluctant to do this for so long, but my listeners have encouraged me to make it easy for them to ease the financial challenges that come with the show. I am humbled and perplexed! But knowing my content is of value to listeners means this community is growing. I am so grateful.

Of course feel free to contact me at any time with any questions about your contributions. Currently I am in desperate need of a new microphone so the show can go on! That will be the first thing we take care of. I am working on a patreon page so that listeners can contribute a modest amount per episode if they like. And subscribers on patreon will get access to extra content as well! The patreon page will be coming in the near future. Subscribers mean I can invest more in the quality and content of the show! 

Again, I’m so humbled by the way this community has grown. Thank you so much for your time and attention. I pray that my content can be encouraging and edifying to you and that God will continue to remind us how he is always working in the chaos of our daily lives! 

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