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Unconventional Decision Making

I think I’m going to buy a car. I’m sure thousands of cars are sold everyday so this isn’t mind-blowing. But I’ve driven a van for the last nine years and I have three children. Among families like ours a...


Why You Should Listen to My SFT Podcast

I can’t remember what got me listening to podcasts, but I’m sure it has something to do with my love for talk radio. I enjoy listening to music, but I also really love finding out what people have to say....


It Takes A Long Time to Grow Up

Dear People Who Interact with Kids Frequently,  Hey, first of all, thanks for being awesome and dealing with these crazy kids.  Sometimes it feels a bit chaotic.  I have my own kiddos 10, 6, and 3; I’ve taught high school...


As Soon As I Can Get It Together….

This month my calendar says “Begin Anywhere.  Just begin.” So true and something we seem to resist often!  I know I always want a beginning and an end. Something neater and tidier than my life usually appears.   photo credit: Myxi via photopin cc...

Me, the Blog, Getting it Right… It’s All A Work in Progress 0

Me, the Blog, Getting it Right… It’s All A Work in Progress

I like the idea of us being encouraging to one another.  I like sharing and I love community.  If anything, I have tried to be an advocate for community on this blog.  Recently I thought I needed my blog to...

Wisdom Seeking 0

Wisdom Seeking

Today is Mother’s Day.  I like days like this.  I know some people think these days that celebrate moms, or sweethearts, or whoever were just invented by card companies wanting to make money.  But I have seen such great reflection...

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