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010: Decision Making Is Hard

How do you make decisions? Recent conversations have revealed the usefulness of having litmus tests and standards for filtering decisions and priority-making.  It reminded me of an illustration Kendra Smiley shares in her books High-Wire Mom and Do Yourself a...

Unhating Mornings When You Want to Be Grateful Not Hateful 6

Unhating Mornings When You Want to Be Grateful (Not Hateful)

This post is only for non-morning people. Morning people will not get this. When I think about getting-out-of-bed in the morning, and some sort of ideal that must exist and probably how it works for other people – I imagine...


Why Even Free-Spirited Mamas Want A Schedule

As the school year arrives and the cornfield out my window begins to turn, parents near and far can be heard cheering for the return of ROUTINE. Not to say all moms and dads are happy about constantly-in-your-face-family-time being over,...


Sundays Could Be Less Busy

Ahhh, another busy Sunday in the books. Hmmm those words don’t sound like they go together.  Busy – Sunday?   But I know you can relate. As this busy Sunday came to a close, I found myself wondering why we have...


Is My Daily Life As A Mom A “Battle?”

Today is Hearts at Home’s monthly blog hop! If you’d like to know about Hearts at Home (it’s a great organization with a life-changing yearly conference), go here. Take part in today’s blog hop by checking out the other blogs...


A Message for Moms of Small Children

  It turns out I spend a lot of my Time thinking about how much Time I have.  I suspect there are many moms out there who can relate.    This thought process will include contemplation of whether I spend...

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