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A Letter to Like-Minded Believers about Online “Ministry”

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,  I come to you earnestly searching for a compassionate conversation about online ministry. Whether you call it “ministry” or not, the voices of Christian leadership online are not going anywhere. Many of us have had...


She Finds Truth Flyer

Here’s a flyer to share with your committee deciding on a speaker.. or hang it on the bulletin board at church to spread the word about the podcast! Click here TO PRINT and it should take you to a pdf...


Finding and Sharing Truth

The other day on Twitter someone mentioned that he often writes to “preach to himself.” Immediately I could relate. Feeling compelled to write has always been a source of thinking-through for me. At some point when I shared my processes,...


Why You Should Do What You Love (At Least Some of the Time)

I was raised in a very loving church. Tiny yes, but loving. The men and women there encouraged me, taught me, and loved me as a church family should. I had no idea how ideal it was until only recently....


What To Do When The Voices Tell You To Quit

Last night I stayed up too late. But I was wired. After spending the day with my 4 year old and taking care of a list that didn’t include any of the fun things I wanted to do (welcome to...

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