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Childhood Legend: Country Life Edition

I found myself writing about rural life lately and decided to add even more “country mouse” perspective to the blog. You can skip right over these to my typical topics, or enjoy something a little different once a week. It’s...


And Now I Have A 12-Year-Old

Today Sophie turns 12.   It’s exciting but mostly scary and bizarre. 12? Frankly this date has been looming a bit. 12 is such a weird age. Some of them look so grown up already. They need to wear a...

Different Kids, Same Mom 0

Different Kids, Same Mom

A couple of weeks ago I was really struggling with my oldest.  While we have a lot in common, she is still very different from me.  She communicates a lot like her dad – a code I’ve still not cracked. ...

Wanted: Wisdom 0

Wanted: Wisdom

A couple of months ago I was really struggling with my school-age child. We were butting heads constantly. I was so frustrated with her “attitude” and wanted to nip it Right then and There. Unfortunately, that translated into constant criticism,...


Ode to My Sophia

Birthdays are a good excuse – and a good reason – to focus in on one kid. I appreciate that today is Sophie’s day and, as such, gives me an opportunity to really think about how blessed we are that...

Monday’s Mom Moment 1

Monday’s Mom Moment

I want to start a regular Monday post called Monday’s Mom Moment. Over the course of the week I’ll record those special moments, like when your daughter tells your in-laws that though the baby is very capable of lifting his...


Faith Like a Child

Sophie is so great right now, asking more questions about the world and really listening when we attempt to answer her. This is much different from previous conversations that would go like this: Sophie – “There was an earthquake there?!”...

Birthday Preparations 0

Birthday Preparations

Sophia’s birthday is next week. She is having a little party with just a few friends. Click here to see the original invitations she made. 🙂


Sophie’s Nativity

Tonight we got a good start on Christmas deco. We found a spot for the tree and put it together – no ornaments yet. Since they weren’t going to get to decorate the tree tonight and I had 2 very...


Celebrating Fall and Being 5

For your viewing pleasure, here’s my girl. You can live vicariously through her for the next few minutes if you’d like! 🙂 This was fun. Just me and Sophie – harder to do these days. She had fun and so...

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