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When Your Plan Falls Through, Make A New One

I’ve been planning the start of 2015 for a good 3 months.  The plan was basically to quit my farm-hand job, launch the new website, and focus full-time (as full-time as I can get with Eddie in the house) on...


4 Resources for Teaching Our Kids Good Manners

Recently a friend of mine said to me, “Hey, if my kids are demanding or not using their manners, I need to know about it.”  She was especially referring to when she’s not around.  I quickly joined in.  I like...


Free Printable for One-on-One Jesus Time!

Trying something new! A daily devotional printable  – explained in today’s post, More Than One Way to Do Jesus Time.I hope it can inspire you!!Here is what it looks like. Not sure why the letter “i” isn’t showing up in this picture....

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