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4H farm kids are learning lessons you can't replicate 0

Raising Our Kids Alongside the Calves

When we were dating I specifically asked Brad if he had any intention of being a farmer. No, he said unequivocally. Oh good! I did not want to marry a farmer. The seasons are long. The work is hard. The...


022: Positive Thinking is Not Biblical Thinking

I was doing some blog-housecleaning and discovered that this podcast episode never made its way to the blog! So weird. Anyway, this was a great show and this book is really profound! Enjoy!     Today’s long awaited episode is...


Piano Tribute

I know very little about what inspired my parents to get a piano and start us on lessons. I wonder what kind of expectations they had for what would come of such an acquisition.   They could not have known...


My God is Crazy Good

Please feel free to use this image as comfort and encouragement in whatever way you see fit! Download it on your phone or tablet, send it to a friend, share it on Facebook. God’s blessings on your day!  


A Starry-Eyed Thanksgiving

So surreal outside. The wind has died down and the bright moonlight covers the first snow of the year. So surreal inside. Family sleeps in warm, comfortable beds protected from the beautiful but dangerously cold air. My mind ruminates. It’s...


Holy Traditions and the Sisters Who Keep Them

For years my mom and her 5 sisters talked about taking a few days and heading over to the World’s Longest Yard Sale. Living in the Midwest it wouldn’t be THAT far, and considering the sisters’ affinity for a good...

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Feeling Buried, But Then This..

I’m supposed to be writing! I’m supposed to be preparing for this retreat I’m doing this weekend! But right now my anger and frustration is taking over. Big time. Instead I’ve been tearing the house apart for the last hour...


When Feeling Unworthy

Originally I published this with the title “10 Steps When You Feel Like a Loser.” I only mention that because it helps explain #1 which I find somewhat entertaining so I’m not changing it. But seriously this post is something...


Saturday Morning Love

My house is a disaster. Working so much has seriously taken its toll around here.  But it’s warm and beautiful nonetheless. The soft carpet under my feet, radiates thru my tired body and gives me comfort. I have a working...

Dwelling on Stress?  Find the Good. 0

Dwelling on Stress? Find the Good.

“What are you all stressed out about?” she asked with an oblivious air. And then I punched her in the face. Just kidding.  But I wanted to.  It’s been a while, but there have been times when I’ve been questioned...

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