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50: Baptized Into Christ, Interview with Pastor Jordan Cooper

This week I get to share my interview with Pastor Jordan Cooper about his book Baptized Into Christ! He shares insight on a number of things including intimacy with Christ, Jesus as the example, and being holy and sinful at the...


35: God Here With Me

      How is God WITH me? Recently when I was trying to clarify what my podcast and blog are all about, I ended up with this chart.    FINDING OUT.. HOW our Faithful God IS WITH US in...


Everything I Need From Him

I’m not sure who to blame, but I frequently have to sit myself down and REFOCUS. Whether it’s planning a meal, cleaning the house, or moving forward in my ministry, I find myself asking “Now what was I doing again?”...


I am Rescued Prayer

I wrote this prayer last year, but I’m thinking about posting it on here regularly. The truths here are a comfort and reassurance.      Lord as I remember my baptism, help me to remember this means you know my...

How Does Baptism Help podcast on anxiety and baptism 0

008: How Does Baptism Help?

I’ve been in and out of this lousy place for a while and it’s gotten old. Today’s podcast is about what my funk looks like, what solutions I’ve attempted or considered, and a few Scriptural things that have really helped....

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