Survey Results: About Devotionals

In April I surveyed women about their devotional habits. I said I would share the results and though I spoke about them a little, I didn’t ever create the blog post I promised. The data was far from scientific, but it was still valuable and I’m happy to give you a peek into what I learned.


survey of women about devotional habits


I was thrilled to have over 200 people take the survey and share with me details about their one-on-one Jesus time. Part of me wishes I had asked what denomination the participants were, I didn’t. Maybe more telling would be asking what blogs and book sellers the participants frequent. These questions – as well as all of those asked – are all about trying to better understand an audience.

The majority of those surveyed generally feel comfortable finding meaning in Scripture. I was glad to see that number was over 60% since hopefully that means less frustration among these individuals as they dig into God’s Word. Most readers also value a devotional that makes connections to their own life while also explaining what the Bible is about (not one or the other).

3/4ths of respondents said they want a short devotional under 600 words for their daily devotional time. A lot of people said they like having to get out their Bibles to look up the passages. That is an interesting one since I know it is really convenient to have the Scripture built in, but at the same time I know we all gain something from opening up the book itself.

I had a section for people to share additional information or thoughts they deemed relevant. Comments are helpful but then you wonder how many people would agree or disagree when given the opportunity. There were some specific topics people suggested – marriage, young adulthood, racism, sexism, or “just theology.” There were also those who said they would prefer less flowery fluff, and more depth in devotionals. I was sympathetic to the comments about how we aren’t all a mess or a wife or a mom. So much of women’s media focuses on those things. On the other hand, real life is not neat and tidy and so I think we have to find a good balance.  

Based on the survey, it seems most of us are short on time and discipline. We are all struggling to make this a priority and to find resources that will be affirming but challenging. We want our brains to be stretched and expanded. We want to find encouragement that relates to our specific lives.

I’m pleased I created the survey and had such great participation. If you took the survey, thank you so much for being engaged in this way and giving me this insight! If you think my results sound off, add your voice to the survey by following this link here or comment on this post and let me know what perspective we are missing. What questions would you be curious to know? I don’t know about you, but I like hearing the experiences of others so I know I’m not alone (or that I’m the only one!). Either way, if you’ve been around here much you know I love that we are sharing our stories and opinions so we can continue to build community. Join in!


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