What Am I Doing Here?! The Doctrine of Vocation


laundry basketWe all want to be useful!

But sometimes we are looking up at God asking, what am I supposed to be doing here?

Angie was searching for purpose and relevance in the midst of raising her small children when she stumbled upon the doctrine of vocation. What she found was life-changing. The Doctrine of Vocation redirects our hearts and minds to understand that we are all given purpose and relevance. What this looks like is often not what we expect. In fact our ordinary, regular lives are exactly where God is at work, glorifying Him and sanctifying us.  

This message helps women recognize the value of their calling right where they are, and includes:

  • defining the doctrine of vocation
  • identifying how it looks in real life
  • contrasting the expectations of the world with the expectations of our God
  • understanding the role of vocation in the context of Law and Gospel

This message can be tailored to the needs of a specific group of women such as mothers, working women, young women, etc. 

Contact Angie today to find out more and schedule your event!

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