Messy Life. Perfect Jesus.

Messy Life. Perfect Jesus. Retreat Package available, Speaker Angie Wagner.


Life feeling messy? Good thing our Jesus is perfect. 

Despite our best intentions and well-laid plans, life doesn’t usually look the way we’d like. Messy circumstances permeate our families and our culture. So often we pray for God to fix what is broken, but the results rarely look as we expect.

Instead God uses these messy lives to reveal His glory. 

But not by showing the world how well we can keep it together. Turns out God’s expectations are not for us to earn His love. 

With encouragement and Scripture, Angie shares the Truth about God’s promises and how he meets us wherever we are.

This Gospel message points women to a right perspective about our Savior, including:

  • the length and width, height and depth of God’s love
  • the sovereignty of our God
  • defining the Law and Gospel
  • being pursued by Christ 
  • the freedom we find in Jesus
(Message can easily be expanded into 4 sessions for a weekend retreat.) 

Contact Angie today to find out more details and schedule your event!


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