Shoving Aside My Pride and Creating a Donate Button

I spent like $20 on the materials to make this cool little sound booth that helps the sounds quality! But now the mic that lived here is useless.

After a couple of days of wrestling with this dumb microphone and troubleshooting for hours, I finally just borrowed the equipment I needed to finish the episode I was trying to complete.
Meanwhile it became apparent that I would need a new mic. I really don’t have the funds to spend $110 on a functioning mic right now and so I was sad and preparing myself to get sadder. Before I could get very far into my pity party, or wander around the house searching for things to sell, listeners and friends started contacting me telling me they wanted to help.
I did not expect this and I was dumbstruck! I’m not great at accepting gifts and certainly my farmer-upbringing lends itself to resisting such generosity.
After breaking out in hives and blabbering to a couple friends, I realize I need to come to terms with the idea of accepting support for my content. In fact I would love for my content to fund itself, but pride and insecurity (interesting combo, right?) enthusiastically get in the way. Today I attempted to ignore all my instincts and I created a “donate” button on the website. (There I said it! Gasp!)
If you feel so inclined and would like to contribute a couple bucks to my current microphone fund, you can find the button on the far right column of the landing page of the website. Just click the She Finds Truth banner here at the top of this page and it will take you back to the homepage. The button is in the right column a little scroll down.  
I’m working on a Patreon page/button which would allow people to pledge a certain amount per podcast episode. Still working out the details on that. If you have advice or thoughts, I’d love to hear them! If you don’t like this idea, feel free to just move along. (Refer back to pride/insecurity if you’re not sure how I’ll react to criticism of this idea. lol)
(Refer back to pride/insecurity if you’re not sure how I’ll react to criticism of this idea. lol)
Patreon suggests giving followers potential access to extra bonus content – I just need to decide what that would be. Should I make some video devotionals? Do a Q&A? Ideas on bonus content would be welcomed. This is a whole new world I need to figure out!
No pressure but if you have the funds to help out I would be grateful. And so would my listeners who really can’t afford to contribute at this time.
Godspeed, friends! 

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