‘She Finds Truth’ Starts Today

She Finds Truth is the new site, friends! I’m shifting things a bit – away from Home Building. I love Home Building and everything it meant to me and where it started!! But I don’t want to write a blog that is focusing on family building. I want to write a blog that speaks to women and how they long for a life that makes total sense. But how what they actually get does NOT look like what they planned!

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Each one of us craves balance and breathing space and family members who all get along. But what we get instead are messy relationships, busy schedules, and sometimes a nasty old punch in the face! My life isn’t perfect and neither is yours. Let’s stop pretending and just find the Truth and pass it around. The truth is we can be honest with each other about how crazy things tend to be, and we can encourage one another with the capital-T-Truth, which is that Jesus makes all things Holy – even us!

I’m so excited to launch the site today! It’s the beginning of something new for me. My speaking and writing under the same new name – She Finds Truth! I’m planning a podcast to debut in February – also called She Finds Truth! And I’m super-excited about regularly exploring the Word as it applies to our everyday messes, and sharing more spot-on Scripture we can learn from! 

Explore the site and sign up as a Subscriber so you don’t miss the posts that can comfort and encourage you in the midst of your chaos!


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  1. Reina says:

    Angie, I’m so happy you are doing this. Stepping out of your comfort zone can only cause you to grow and gain strength. Be Bold :). I’m looking forward to your fresh words of faith and encouragement.

    I would make one little change on this page.. the words under yellow banner, faith devotional, etc. should all be capitalized. Love you….Reina

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