For those of you too lazy to look at the link, here is an image of the new house, the someday house. The hopefully-someday-in-the-year 2009 house. 🙂 Sounds like we should have demolition of the current mess sometime next week. Guess I should take pictures of that. If I haven’t told you, the ice storm reeked havoc on our trees, so the place looks ridiculous. I’ve told this to a few, but if you are standing in our driveway (between the fallen limbs) and you look to the north and east, it’s like “Oh, this would be a nice place for a house…” Then you turn around and it’s like “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE?!?!?!” 🙂 Anyway, hopefully it will be looking better soon.

Meanwhile we’re doing the mom thing here at home. Well, I am. Things are settling down after the holidays and we are finding our routine again. I am finding more and more contentment with my new “job” as stay-at-home mom. (New? It’s been a while. Whatever.) I’m still planning to sub, but my real job is here at home. Forever I’ve had issue with it. Like I’m not contributing enough, like I’m suppose to be doing something more. Without going more into detail, I’m happy that I’m finally feeling like this is a real job, and that it matters even more than I realized before.

Clare is killing me, in more than one way. The last few days she is cracking us up with more laughter, more joking, more singing, and silliness. She’s increased her volume level (I know, was it possible?) and orneriness. You can see where this is going. Not only is she funnier, she’s more exhausting. She has found a new response to denial – yelling loudly and steadily for 5 seconds or more. Gritting her teeth and staring at me angrily has also been added to the repertoire. It’s great. There’s a lot of noise around here. Silence is golden.

Thanks for bearing with me through the random thoughts. I felt like writing and hated to pass that up. Who knows what the rest of the week will hold. Have a good one!

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  1. Aunt Mary says:

    Keep in mind, Angela, that not only is being mom a job, it’s a blessing for most of us. Also, the “home” part of being a mom doesn’t last forever. These days at home will some day be a memory sooner than you thought. So relish the opportunity (as I’m sure you do) that many working moms never get to experience.

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