022: Positive Thinking is Not Biblical Thinking

Today’s long awaited episode is an interview with L.L. Martin author of Positively Powerless: How a Forgotten Movement Undermined Christianity. I read this book and loved it and think it has a really important message we all need to pay attention to. Satan is very sneaky and this is definitely one of his angles. 

She isn’t suggesting there is evil in a “positive attitude,” but that the movement of New Thought has been watered down into Positive Thinking which looks and sounds good but is not consistent with God’s Word. We touch on the role of this thinking in the prosperity gospel, success, self-concept, confession, sanctification, and community. The book is filled with great doctrine and practical application of Martin’s ideas. Go buy it!

Link to book. 

During the show I reference this Issues Etc. episode. 

Martin’s website


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