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Contact Angie Wagner for your next women's event. Empower women with the Truth that the Gospel applies to every single messy day of reality.Speaking Ministry

Angie has been honored to speak to audiences for over 10 years, sharing messages that show how the Bible is relevant to people’s daily lives. With a reflective, conversational style she encourages women in the midst of the joy, chaos, and exhaustion of daily life.  Her ministry is to remind women of the Truth of the Gospel and how it applies to every single messy day of reality.
No matter where we are.
No matter what we’ve done.
No matter what we are facing.
Through the ups and downs of her own life, Angie has learned over and over, we do NOT find peace within ourselves. We find it in Christ; who comes to us from outside of our sinful selves and makes us new with His holiness. We are the recipients of His grace!

With her own stories and experiences, she makes connections to God’s Word and shares how we can be sustained and strengthened in His Truth and Grace.

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