017: Perfect Love Casts Out Fear: Legit or Not?

In today’s episode I answer questions I’ve been pondering since Episode 15 concerning fear and what the Bible says about it. 

Does it really say “Do not fear” in the Bible 365 times? What does the world think “perfect love” means? Why does Joseph Prince seem to have cornered the market on this? Do I really have to dissect I John to figure this out? 


These questions and more sorted through in episode 17. 

And here are the links:

Episode 15

9 Sins the Church Is Okay With

Psalm 56

NPR’s story on close friends being close to us in times of trial

Psalm 54

Definitions of sustain

I John 4

Joseph Prince butchers Scripture


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Production Notes · music – Spoke in the Wheel by Electric Tangerine Audio at http://audiojungle.net/user/ElectricTangerine · Vocal Introduction by Kena Clark ·  Intro/Outro Production by Bradley Hofbauer


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