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Be Joyful 1

Be Joyful

Lord, thank you for this exciting week! Thank you for the fair. Love the family time it brings, love the memories it makes. I love that we can be exposed to the hard work of farmers and kids in this...


Let It Go

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thes 5:18 I have a LOT of good things going on right now. But the devil is...


Anticipating Parenthood

I distinctly remember being an emotional wreck when my brother Bradley graduated from high school. Three years apart, I’d had my opportunity to find out about life-after-Cissna, and it had been a bumpy ride. I remember being especially sad about...

Meanwhile 1


Instead of a new picture of the house, I should post a picture of my sleeping husband. In the chair for less than 5 minutes.. and he is OUT. Not that it’s early – it’s 10:45 pm and he has...


Warning: I’m Hormonal

Feeling really pregnant at this moment. Finally sitting down in a chair and my belly looks quite large. I’m rubbing it, as pregnancy seems to warrant, slowly and somewhat methodically I suppose. I now realize my feet are sore. I’m...


My Growing Girls

It should be no surprise that my mom and I have always kindof enjoyed alliteration with the girls’ names. We all have a tendency to do this with babies. Sophie was not very old before someone called her “Sweet Sophia,”...

Praying for a Friend – Any Friend – in Pain 3

Praying for a Friend – Any Friend – in Pain

I hate that you are in the midst of so much grief. I hate that I am helpless to do anything about it. I hate that it doesn’t make any sense. I hate that I can do so little to...


Faith Like a Child

Sophie is so great right now, asking more questions about the world and really listening when we attempt to answer her. This is much different from previous conversations that would go like this: Sophie – “There was an earthquake there?!”...

Yikes 1


I could only handle a pink blog for about a day, so no more of that. 🙂

Living With Less, or More 3

Living With Less, or More

It’s generally agreed upon that children are full of potential. I think kids have a million possibilities within them, like seeds; and the ones that get nurtured grow. They have talents and abilities and interests and their lives could go...

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