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Lamb of God

A favorite hymn of mine, written by Twila Paris. So good to reflect on during Lent. Feel free to download onto your device or Pin it so you have it handy!  


39: Being Human

  Lent has me reflecting on Jesus and His life here on earth. His humanity.  There’s a lot to being human, isn’t there?! So I share some very real life stories you might be able to relate to.  Then look...


Delicate but Laborious Matters

The weather this year has been mild so far to say the least. Last night thunderstorms and hail moved through and tornadoes an hour or so northwest of us. It’s March 1st and I’m not sure what “normal” is anymore....


Farming in the Bible: Chaff

A Note from the Farm There are so many farming metaphors and examples in the Bible. I love that my life gives me a little insight into many of these. I can’t resist sharing. In the fall we combine corn....


Needing It Every Day

We have a children’s book written by Max Lucado called You Are Special. It’s an allegory (a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning) about these wooden dolls made by the man on the...


38: God’s Grace & Healing After Sexual Assault

    This is episode #2 in my series about sexual assault where we dive into the spiritual implications of it. Episode #1 can be found here! This is a deep, complicated topic, so I brought in someone with experience...


The Use of a Pastor

“He called churches in the area to see if anyone has a room to rent for the summer! Plus then he said he could worship with them!” We shouldn’t have been surprised at this wise move, but when a college...

Are you good enough? podcast episode 37 0

37: Are You Good Enough?

I saw a very nice happy meme that said YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH and was supposed to make me feel better and encourage me after I had a rough time with something.  But it just makes me feel squirmy.  Because...

Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God 2

Swirling National Chaos and the Helper I Need

Many of us are starting off this week feeling like we just left a bar fight that’s spilling out in the street in front of our houses. Things are being said and done that just aren’t right. Sides have been...


Merciful Mornings

If you’ve been around here much you know I love fresh starts. Even mornings can feel like a do-over opportunity.      I definitely need all the new grace I can get. This is best pondered in the context of...

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