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009: Have Some Self-Respect!

I keep running into things online about self-esteem and of course while one is in a funk, one’s self-worth isn’t real healthy… So I’ve been thinking about all this. Today’s podcast is me sorting through how we measure ourselves and...


Tough Day?

Please feel free to use this image as comfort and encouragement in whatever way you see fit! Download it on your phone or tablet, send it to a friend, share it on Facebook. God’s blessings on your day!  

How Does Baptism Help podcast on anxiety and baptism 0

008: How Does Baptism Help?

I’ve been in and out of this lousy place for a while and it’s gotten old. Today’s podcast is about what my funk looks like, what solutions I’ve attempted or considered, and a few Scriptural things that have really helped....


007: Jesus Doesn’t Tap Out

First podcast of 2016! Woohoo! Here’s my stab at new year talk…. I talk about my hate/love relationship with “resolutions,” and how I like to label my new-year plans for the coming year. Since everyone is talking about it, I...


Celebrating the Christ Part. For Reals.

Merry Christmas, friends! In the last week leading up to Christmas, I tend to be immersed in finishing-up gift buying and crafting, wrapping and (hopefully) crossing off lists. There’s never a shortage of tasks and I happily (for the most...


And Now I Have A 12-Year-Old

Today Sophie turns 12.   It’s exciting but mostly scary and bizarre. 12? Frankly this date has been looming a bit. 12 is such a weird age. Some of them look so grown up already. They need to wear a...


006: Jesus Is Bigger Than My Messed Up Christmas

This week I get nitty gritty into what makes us so stressed out this time of year and what makes Jesus the perfect answer for our messy Christmases. This is based on a message I shared last year at our...

Distractions during advent season abound 0

005: Being Distracted During Advent

Anyone else?  So much to think about this month. So many expectations and loads of anticipation and plenty of pressure. Especially if you’re the household manager.  It’s hard to get focused. It’s hard to even figure out, some days, what...


A Starry-Eyed Thanksgiving

So surreal outside. The wind has died down and the bright moonlight covers the first snow of the year. So surreal inside. Family sleeps in warm, comfortable beds protected from the beautiful but dangerously cold air. My mind ruminates. It’s...

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