020: Messy Conversations, Messy Circumstances


“Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried.” -Megan Divine

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Today’s show is about those uncomfortable conversations where we cannot fix the problems people are struggling with. I am honored to have Amanda Hofbauer, MA, AMFT as a guest on the show discussing the difficulties of these conversations. She is a licensed Couples and Family Therapist in Chicago who specializes in helping those who are dealing with grief, infertility, and trauma. You can find her online at Facebook.com/renewtogether and also on Psychology Today. Check out her links!

This whole conversation started when I saw a tweet from Donna Pyle (and here’s her website) …..


If you always respond with the perfect, easy answers, people will stop asking you their messy, hard questions.


So this got us talking and that’s what this podcast is about. How DO we respond without being insincere and generic?

This Buzzfeed link that Amanda found helps

..as well as our conversation which you should totally listen to right now. 🙂


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