Make Me Happy Or Else

I’m all for setting up boundaries when people stress us out. But there is a lot of this attitude online that says complicated relationships, awkward acquaintances, and difficult people should be taken out with the trash. The idea that if you don’t make me “happy,” there is no room for you in my life. I would be the first one to say, “Sign me up for that approach!” Except…… except everything I’m learning about Christ tells me that’s not His will for my life.

Meme about happiness doesn't reflect the will of Christ.

Instead, He keeps putting me in situations where I have to work through tough conversations.

I find myself being prompted to pray for those who have wronged me.

And, most ridiculous, the Spirit is reminding me – forgiveness is for all of us.

The truth is…

Unfortunately we can’t depend on others to make us happy.

We can’t shelter ourselves from discomfort.

And we lose out on so much when we shut-out the less than ideal moments.


Church bodies present their own special messes when it comes to community. 

So much easier to avoid Bible class with the people you don’t know so well. Way more convenient to only talk to your friends after worship. Far more comfortable to keep everyone at arm’s length, instead of doing the hard work of building relationships.

But the pay-off of being vulnerable is incredible.

After being a part of a not-so-perfect church community for the last 7 years, I am feeling the blessings of sticking around. I am finding connections with people who have grown to care for and love us – people we wouldn’t normally expect to have much in common with.

We have discovered what happens when a church family invests in……. in church family.

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit

I feel the Spirit calling me to put my happiness aside. Boundaries are important and there is a time and a place for them to be implemented. But Christ called us to love our neighbors (not tolerate them) and He didn’t say it should hinge on what they have to offer us. I pray we can take these Truths to heart in the midst all the social media messages saying otherwise.

Godspeed, friends.

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