Lutheran Women’s Ministry and What Else I’ve Been Doing

Today I really just want to talk to you about all the fun stuff that’s been going on in my head! lol It’s scary in there, I know, but I promise I’ll shield you from the disturbing stuff.

So I haven’t posted anything on here for the last few months for a handful of reasons. Biggest factor – I was subbing full time first quarter for a maternity leave at a local high school. It was great! But I’m glad to be home.

So that took up a lot of time. But I DID do some writing in between grading papers. I’ve been writing for This Is Your Story, a new blog founded by Melissa Elsner earlier this year. It’s been fun being accountable to someone else and approaching blogging from a little different perspective. Go check out what’s happening over there. It’s good stuff.

Also, I’veThe Luther Rose really taken a deeper dive into my Lutheran theology this past year, and I’m enjoying soaking all of that up. There is so much to learn and I love having a theological direction. For years I’ve wrestled with being Lutheran as a blogger and speaker. So many silly ideas went into my resistance, but God has been working steadily on my heart for a long time. Finally I have given up the fight and given-in to His wisdom. It’s such a relief. I love the idea of aiming to serve my Lutheran sisters specifically. And anyone else who wants to come along for the ride too of course! 

Part of this Lutheran journey has been listening to the wise counsel of my friends and church family. It seems silly to name names, but I am so thankful for Heidi, Pastor, Christine, and Lisa’s voices especially as I’ve wrestled with my public identity. Of course the problem with naming names is there are others too who have been super encouraging in the midst of this and I don’t want to leave anyone out. Let’s just say I’ll thank you publicly for when I publish my first book. 😉 (You know who you are anyway.<3)

Also along the way this past year, I was asked to lead a discussion on Vocation at the first annual Just & Sinner Conference, hosted by Lisa and Jordan Cooper. What a privilege that was! First of all, between their invite and another church asking me to speak on the same topic, I finally got to nail down some things on Vocation that I’ve been wanting to write about for a while. Before I spoke about it, I posted some of my thoughts on TIYS (This Is Your Story).  The opportunity to talk with women about the doctrine of vocation was really exciting. At the conference I shared my presentation and then we discussed various aspects of it. Over and over again women respond with one word when they hear about Vocation: Relief. When we understand more about God’s plan for us, it makes so much more sense than what the world asks us to do!

So I’m heading into fall pretty pumped and inspired about ministry. I’ve gotten a big push to finally launch a She Finds Truth Podcast – something I’ve been wanting to do for a year – and it’s happening really soon (God willing)! I’ll be sharing more about that in the coming days, and trying to talk you into becoming a podcast listener if you aren’t already.

This has been a rather random post, so I’ll throw one more thing on here about what I’ve been learning. As a result of focusing in on my Lutheran foundation, I’m gaining a better grasp on what my salvation is all about. You know we all have plenty of messages coming at us about our God, about our faith, and about the nature of our world. One thing that keeps coming up in the rooted Lutheran theology I’m studying is the constant, unwavering, unchanging essence AND promises of our God. Which drives home the point that in those ways, He is the opposite of me. And since HE is the author and perfecter of my faith, my faith is not dependent on the inconsistent, flip-floppiness of me. It is dependent on Him. (As long as I don’t outright reject it, we are good.) Furthermore, the “strength of my faith” is not a reflection of the “experiences” I’m having that do or don’t include Him. Neither are my status and value based on my “feelings.” Those bad days I have where my priorities are screwed up and I’m not seeking Him, or following His guidance, or admitting my sin… They aren’t deal-breakers. It’s been nice to get the reminder that my salvation is not based on me! I’ve heard the Gospel MANY times, but I still need a refresher. Daily.

Oh and I’ll get the newsletter back up and running here again shortly too. My to-do list is long but I’m excited about what’s ahead!

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