Killing Plants Is My Thing; Giving Life Is God’s Thing

If you have a plant you want dead, I’m your gal.

Pretty sure I’ve seen a meme like that somewhere. It made me laugh out loud because I’m so good at killing plants. Living out in the country with 3 acres, I have plenty of room for plants and gardens and I WANT those things, but I’m not great at it. This year’s garden is doing alright but it’s mostly because we’ve gotten so much rain. They are loving it even if the rest of us aren’t.

Out on my front porch I have a gorgeous pot filled with colorful greenery and flowers. When I brought it home I was nervous about its livelihood and for good reason. I don’t go out on the front porch everyday necessarily, and it was going to need watered regularly. There were a couple days of neglect, but then the rains began and I’ve done very little to it since then.


About 45 days since I brought it home, it looks amazing now. The colors are bright and the vegetation is thriving.


And I’ve had to do almost nothing.

I’ve continued to neglect it for the most part as I would have any other year. But this year it’s been raining for the last 6 weeks. So at least every few days, if not more, the wind has blown water onto the back wall of my porch, bathing the pot in exactly what it needs and wants whether I’m paying attention or not.

I can take no credit for its beauty or life.


Here’s some other plants I managed to not kill this year. This butterfly seems appreciative.


Here’s some more flowers. Also some weeds. Whatever.

flowers planted in a boot

Also my mom planted these flowers in a boot for me. lol They are alive still too!

It’s hard for us to understand that we cannot take credit for the salvation that is ours in Jesus Christ. We wrestle for an understanding of how such a gift could be given to us without a completed checklist or the sweat of our brow. We constantly need the reminder that it’s not about us; it’s about Him.

Just like the beauty and color of the pot on my porch, I can take no credit. Just like the wind blowing in the crucial rain, the Holy Spirit rushed upon me with the power of the Trinity. My Savior climbed the road to the cross and my God lifted me out of the depths of sin, while I sat powerless to rescue myself.

We want so badly to save ourselves because that’s the way the world works. Those are the rules in the place we live today. But this is not our home. And when it comes to our righteousness in Christ, His rules are the only ones that matter.

David reminds us that God’s LOVE is what rules our rescue when he says in Psalm 44 verse 26,  

Rise up and help us; rescue us because of your unfailing love.

Not because we are good enough or because we have so much to offer. Not because we said the right things or shared the Gospel enough times. Lord, we plead with you to have mercy on us because of your unfailing love. Thank you, God, for your faithfulness. Thank you for your crucial, life-giving love.

Rescue us because of your unfailing love. Psalm 44:26

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