000: Introductory Podcast Episode – SheFindsTruth

Assuming I am doing this correctly, my first PODCAST episode is here! I’m so excited. This has been something I’ve been working towards for so long and thanks to the advice and shoving encouragement of some pretty great people, I’m finally pushing PUBLISH. (At least I think that’s the right button.) Talk about feeling clueless. This process has been a journey from knowing NOTHING about recording, to rifling through all the free content I can find, to sorting through the unnecessary information, to slowly applying said information. Trial and error abound, but I think I finally know enough to share the content I’ve been planning for us for so long. 

This is the intro episode which basically just explains what the podcast will be about. Hopefully by the end of the day I will have the first official full episode up too! 

Here’s putting it outside of my control! #controlissues #perfectionistissues #shippinganyway


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