I Just Want the Gospel. Over and Over.

A couple years ago when I started listening to podcasts I was anxious to find a community of women with whom I could relate. Everything I heard about podcasts said this was the perfect vehicle for bringing together a niche audience. There are so many podcasts, they said, you’ll definitely be able to find one that speaks to your interests.

So I enthusiastically began searching.

Women. Who would talk about how Christ was showing up in their everyday. Real Biblical principles. The truth as it applies to my regular old life. Let’s chat. I imagined it would be like a phone call with a friend. She would tell me a story I could totally relate to and then we would talk about how God was there the whole time and it took us a while to figure it out. It was going to be great.

My search found enthusiastic women who no doubt love God. Who see God in their day. Women who are seeking to do God’s will for their families and their communities.

But their conversations were rarely centered on what Christ was doing. The impetus always seemed to be on what they could do.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are lots of things I should be doing. Ways I can serve my neighbor and my family in Christ. Ways I can be praying for my enemies or forgiving my husband. There is a time for lists and tips. But interview after interview about the new system she found that fixed everything. Story after story about how much fulfillment she found in her new approach.  In her new strategy.

It wasn’t what I was looking for.

The thing is, I’ve made the lists. I’ve tried the strategies. For a while they are good. But I’m bad at sticking with one system. My family is growing up and our schedules just always seem to be changing. When I lean into the newest problem-solver to fix my issues, I always end up eventually disappointed.

These women would share that because they love Jesus they knew they had to try.  

Because Jesus loves them they knew changes could be made.  

Because of the Truth, they felt moved.  

And that’s all good.


But from that starting point their conversations became less about Jesus, and more about their plan.

I wanted to know the Scripture – accurately understood – that inspired them.

I wanted to hear what promises they were leaning on when they failed.

I wanted to hear about my constant God showing up in the lives of these women despite their messes; not BECAUSE they had cleaned themselves up.  

Some of them were trying to do it. Identifying a passage and talking about what we can learn. But if you don’t have training in how to approach Scripture responsibly, it’s easy to screw it up. (I know because I’ve done it with the best of intentions.)

And then pretty soon they had a task for me. If I wanted it bad enough, I would feel better. If I came to Jesus, my prayers would be answered. If I said the right words, or forgave myself, or recognized the power that lives within me… I would see proof. I would have success. I would feel the change within.

They skipped the part about the power of my baptism. They neglected to mention that the Spirit already dwells within me. There was no mention of how the Sacraments sustain me. That God promises to be there.  A physical presence in my life unlike the elusive “presence of God” I might detect after the prescribed amount of time in prayer.

They must have forgotten to remind me of the church family who can encourage me and point me to wise counsel. They didn’t explain the useful role of the law, and simultaneously reassure me Jesus fulfilled all of it. That there’s nothing for me to earn.

They didn’t wrap up with the promise of eternal life to those who believe.

I’m sure there are some good helpful podcasts out there who aim to speak specifically to Christian women.  I’m not saying they are all terrible. But there should be a higher number getting it right. Or at least closer to right.

I started the podcast because I want to create the community I couldn’t find. I want to share what I’ve learned from the educated theologians who have nailed down the details with Scripture to back it up. I want a real, practical, Biblical, down-to-earth conversation for women who care about getting the Truth right.

If we can start more of these conversations… Ask more questions…. Demand accurate readings of Scripture… and keep one another accountable….

                                                            …. Maybe more women will be encouraged and uplifted with the Truth.

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