I am Rescued Prayer

I wrote this prayer last year, but I’m thinking about posting it on here regularly. The truths here are a comfort and reassurance. 



Lord as I remember my baptism, help me to remember this means

you know my name.

You call me your child.

You value and cherish who I am.


Lately my sins and shortcomings rule my day.


Allow instead, the truth that

I am a rescued child of God

to rule my thoughts and actions today.


Press this upon my heart Lord:

I can live as a forgiven, loved child of my God..

who wants me to love those around me and respect myself.

Who wants me to put relationships above my mistakes.  


Who has done what needs to be done

so I don’t have to wallow in my shortcomings.


Lord help me remember the truths about my baptism,

so I can serve others,

live out my vocation,

and celebrate the freedom you have granted me in Christ Jesus.



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