015: Guilt: Legit or Not?

I’m so glad to be back! Had to skip last week because my brain was overloaded, but now things have improved. Praise the Lord. 

In today’s podcast I explain how I think there is an internet culture directed at women that promotes a lot of false sin and (therefore) false guilt. Telling us we have these problems and offering up a bunch of solutions, the entire time the “problem” isn’t really a problem and in the process we are overlooking actual sin that needs to be addressed. 

Take a listen and see if you can relate. Also, if you are of the male gender and you listen, I would love to know if you see a similar thing that happens among men. Or not. Anyway, this is outside of the Christian culture but it’s also totally thriving within it. There are all sorts of Christians telling me how I need to have more faith so I can _____ (fill in the blank). 

All of this leads to the thing that actually started me on this rant in the first place which is this blog post called 9 Sins the Church is Okay With. Besides ending the title with a preposition (heresy!), the article rubs me the wrong way. More false guilt and vague cliche statements that make me angry. Why can’t people just say what they actually mean? Anyway, take a listen and tell me if I misunderstood this guy’s post. After recording, I jotted down some more thoughts so I’ll probably add on a couple things about this in next week’s show. 

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2 Responses

  1. Kat says:

    Hi, Angie! Thank you for the podcast. This is great and so true! It is ENDLESS, the list of things we should feel guilty about. The answer is to stop feeling guilty and do what is best for your health and the health of your partner and kids, first and foremost. I fear people are making themselves sick and unhealthy, worrying about making everyone happy in their lives. People will ask and ask and ask for things all day long and you’ll wind up never living the life you want. We need to lower our expectations–our own and the need to meet everyone else’s expectations and the need to make everyone happy. Make your family happy, first and foremost!

  2. Angie Wagner says:

    So true that people will keep asking! We have to find our boundaries and figure out what’s best for our families. Satan loves to burden us and this is one more way he does that. Thanks for your thoughts!

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