For the Days When It’s Piling Up

There’s always something I’m striving for. Always something not-quite-right that I need to fix.

And at its core, this isn’t a bad thing. I should definitely want to improve my life and the lives of my neighbors (especially those of my kids and my husband). It’s good to dream and challenge ourselves and change whatever needs changing.

But lately nothing is good enough for me.

We don’t have enough money, am I doing a good enough job keeping tabs on my teenager, there’s laundry that needs done but I forgot to put another load in, I’m looking for a better way to earn money for my family, we should probably change our diet, when was the last time I exercised?, I should have called my friend last week and I got caught up in something else, what can we do to improve Sunday School, you’re not reaching enough people on the blog, your homework for class should already be done, you forgot to get yogurt at the grocery store last night….

It goes on and on.

Failure. Discouragement. Short-sightedness. Helplessness. Lack of focus.

It’s like a greatest hits of my shortcomings and they are all piled on top of me – I’m at the bottom of the monkey pile but no one is laughing.


I’m tired.


Blog Post - When stress and discouragement are piling up I reach for the peace of Christ.


“Peace be with you.”

His words must have washed over them like refreshing cool air after being boxed up in a hot barn all afternoon. That simple phrase surely met their fear, confusion, and anxiety with shock and awe. He had died, but they had heard his body was missing. They were sorting through all the rumors and what the women had seen. Then he appeared to them in Jerusalem where they had gathered together.

“Peace be with you.”

Did Peter, who had straight-out denied Him three times, run to his teacher and fall at his feet when he heard the peaceful greeting from his Lord? Did relief rush over Andrew as he saw the man he had been so sure of, reappear before his own eyes?

It couldn’t have been perfect. It wasn’t because the men were still on this side of eternity. But the doubts were quelled; the fear replaced with security; the confusion clarified when Jesus came to them in the flesh and made it clear He brought victory and forgiveness.


Peace be with you, I hear my Savior say to me. My doubts, my confusions…they litter my day and my mind. But Christ brings peace.

His promises reassure me He will not forsake me as I flounder in this fallen world. His words are an anchor when I’m distracted and wandering away. His presence is a comfort when I can’t fix everything myself.


Because really I can’t.

And on this side of eternity, my list and my complaints will continue to plague me.

But I can rest anyway.

I can rest in the knowledge that this is not all there is. I can step back and take a break, and find solace in Christ. My burden is heavy and I’m carrying around a lot of baggage. But Christ says He will take it from me, and with Him I can find peace. 


I’m resting in Him. 


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