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The other day on Twitter someone mentioned that he often writes to “preach to himself.” Immediately I could relate. Feeling compelled to write has always been a source of thinking-through for me. At some point when I shared my processes, someone said “Oh that helped me too!” and I began to share more.

ruler in the grass

Does it help to follow the rules? What are the rules anyway?

As I attempted to settle into the life of a mostly-staying-at-home mom, I had all sorts of misconceptions about what that was supposed to look like. Housekeeping and marriage and parenting all came with loads of expectations from myself and the world and it was crushing. Eventually I found that most of it was a load of garbage and what I really needed to figure out was what God expects of me in the context of my daily life.

It was also at that time that I wanted to nail down more of what I really believed about my faith. I was tired of depending on the understanding of others. I wanted to own it. I wasn’t so sure if I agreed with my church on a long list of issues, and I started reading more and more.

I sorted out what it meant to be a wife and a mother, and I dove deeper into the essence of Faith Alone. The freedom I discovered from these truths changed everything. No longer was I suffocating or floundering. The truth about the Gospel revealed to me a joy I hadn’t known and empowered me to serve my family as a forgiven child of God. 

It was there that She Finds Truth really began. I wanted to share my discoveries with my sisters in Christ and I heard from women who were finding some comfort and encouragement from my stories. 

This year I am excited to continue to share stories of how the Gospel reveals the truth to women. If you feel so compelled, share this post with those who are making plans to bring women together in fellowship this year. It’s my intention to direct us all to the call and abundant grace of our faithful, loving God.  Angie Wagner speaking at retreat in May

The following presentations are available for upcoming rallies, meetings, or retreats. 

Knowing God’s Will for Your Life: Vocation

All of us want to be useful and live a life full of purpose! But what does that mean from a Christian perspective? What do we do with all the talk about understanding “God’s will for my life?” The Doctrine of Vocation redirects our hearts and minds to understand that we are all given purpose and relevance. What this looks like is often not what we expect. In fact our ordinary, regular lives are exactly where God is at work, glorifying Him and sanctifying us.  

Messy Life. Perfect Jesus.

Despite our best intentions and well-laid plans, life doesn’t usually look the way we’d like. Messy circumstances permeate our families and our culture. So often we pray for God to fix what is broken, but the results rarely look as we expect. Instead God uses these messy lives to reveal His glory. In John 4, the story of the Samaritan woman, we find a handful of promises that direct us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and hold fast to the faithfulness of our God.


Even if you can’t share this post, I would be honored if you would pray for this ministry this year. I’m so excited to be offering a podcast where I can bring weekly encouragement and conversation to women in an audio format. I’m thrilled to be focusing on my Lutheran sisters in Christ and building community among us. I pray that my actions can serve my neighbors in encouragement and love. 

Thank you so much for trusting me with your time and for challenging me to create useful content that points us back to Jesus over and over. 

Godspeed, friend. 

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