Even on Cloudy Days

Some days it’s all I can do to keep everyone alive and heat up some food for them to eat.

Some days it’s all I can do to fold the laundry and help with homework. The dishes are left behind and there’s a path through the cluttered living space.

My thoughts are taking up too much room and I keep tripping over them. They get in the way and fill up the air and I can’t even see straight. My kids are talking to me but I can’t quite process what they are saying. I know it’s dinner time but I’m paralyzed for what feels like no good reason.


The cloudiness is more common than we all realize. For some it’s monthly or just when the cold air hits. For others it’s weekly or daily or constant.


Anxiety drives some to do better. The pressure can spark a panic that launches a whirlwind of energy, a fire to fix all the problems and then I’ll feel so much better. For some it comes on suddenly. For others it builds.

The solutions are as varied as the symptoms. Exercise, a full night’s sleep, a better diet, or medication can all have profound effects on our brains. Our brains are as individual as each of us and require trial and error and more attention than we want to give them.


Through it all, what are we thinking about our souls?

That we’ve failed? That God is disappointed we can’t just get it together?

That next time we will try harder?


In reality it doesn’t matter how clear you can think, how often you fold the clothes, or how cluttered your living space is – God still loves you. He still pursues you. He still wants you for his own.


He doesn’t measure you up against the “good person” down the street or the “good Christians” who intimidate you.

He actually only measures you against Christ and his holiness.

And the good news is neither you, nor anyone else, are measuring up.


Get rid of this idea of the “good person.”* There is no such thing. Sorry to say that when it comes to our spiritual worth, if we are just looking at our own abilities we are failing big time.

There’s no “good person.”


There is only Christ.

HE has fulfilled the law.

HE has lived the perfect life.

HE has loved perfectly.

HE has suffered in our place and gives us the gift of new life in Him!


No matter how cloudy your day has been.


Today a beautiful friend posted this nugget of truth:

When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.” Psalm 34:17


There was a time when I would feel nothing but defeat after reading that. The righteous? That’s definitely not me.

But in fact, as a baptized child of God, as a believer and a justified forgiven sinner – God has MADE me righteous.

With the blood of Christ.

With the righteous lamb.

With the promised rest.

No longer do we have to worry about whether we are measuring up or what happens when we have a cloudy week.


Life is hard.

Life can be brutal. And some days it doesn’t even take but a few minor hitches to make us feel unworthy. For some, they’ve been through more than they can even grasp.


I have good news. All any of us can do is humble ourselves and seek Him. All we can do is pray. All we can do is know that our God has clothed us in new robes – white robes fit for a king. Fit for a king’s children. Fit for a royal gathering.

And we are always welcome to come to His feet and be given the peace that passes all understanding.

when the righteous cry for help Psalm 34:17

Photo by Luke Ellis-Craven on Unsplash

Even on our most cloudy days.

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