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Into The Light: A Lesson on Confession

(in which I share a Sunday School lesson that actually might be enlightening for all of us) I’ve been teaching Sunday School and/or VBS classes on and off for most of my adult life. I still have a lot to...


She Finds Truth Flyer

Here’s a flyer to share with your committee deciding on a speaker.. or hang it on the bulletin board at church to spread the word about the podcast! Click here TO PRINT and it should take you to a pdf...


Finding and Sharing Truth

The other day on Twitter someone mentioned that he often writes to “preach to himself.” Immediately I could relate. Feeling compelled to write has always been a source of thinking-through for me. At some point when I shared my processes,...


006: Jesus Is Bigger Than My Messed Up Christmas

This week I get nitty gritty into what makes us so stressed out this time of year and what makes Jesus the perfect answer for our messy Christmases. This is based on a message I shared last year at our...

Distractions during advent season abound 0

005: Being Distracted During Advent

Anyone else?  So much to think about this month. So many expectations and loads of anticipation and plenty of pressure. Especially if you’re the household manager.  It’s hard to get focused. It’s hard to even figure out, some days, what...


Why You Should Listen to My SFT Podcast

I can’t remember what got me listening to podcasts, but I’m sure it has something to do with my love for talk radio. I enjoy listening to music, but I also really love finding out what people have to say....

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Lutheran Women’s Ministry and What Else I’ve Been Doing

Today I really just want to talk to you about all the fun stuff that’s been going on in my head! lol It’s scary in there, I know, but I promise I’ll shield you from the disturbing stuff. So I...

Contact Angie Wagner for your next women's event. Empower women with the Truth that the Gospel applies to every single messy day of reality. 0

Planning a Women’s Event?

Speaking Ministry Angie has been honored to speak to audiences for over 10 years, sharing messages that show how the Bible is relevant to people’s daily lives. With a reflective, conversational style she encourages women in the midst of the...

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‘She Finds Truth’ Starts Today

She Finds Truth is the new site, friends! I’m shifting things a bit – away from Home Building. I love Home Building and everything it meant to me and where it started!! But I don’t want to write a blog...


Mixed Messages

      First push play ^ on the song, then push full screen and play on the slideshow below. 🙂

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