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46:My Chaos and My Christ

Things are going good!  It’s weird! lol      I talk about a blog post I published this week where I process why things are going good. There’s less chaos in my head and it’s somewhat confusing! Is it imposter...

From Chaos to Calm! Imposter Syndrome or Antidepressants? Processing why things are going well. 2

From Chaos to Calm. Imposter Syndrome Or Antidepressants?

Have you ever heard of imposter syndrome? It’s not a physical disease or condition. It’s more of a mindset. It’s where a reasonable person is pursuing or has found some degree of success in a field, but she feels like...

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Work Heartily as for the Lord

Click here to check out the podcast based on this topic, Episode 45: Work Heartily As For the Lord My mind was racing with possibilities and questions. I’d been looking for opportunities to change our financial situation and now I...

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45: Work Heartily As For The Lord

  Turns out the world does not revolve around me. I am not at the center of the universe.      This is just one of the many realizations I have in this episode as I process my thoughts on...

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44: Parents Aren’t Perfect

  Things I’m thinking about this week… Mother’s Day can be hard.  Some parents are toxic.     So I talk about both of these things. Why we should consider being sensitive about Mother’s Day, in case you are oblivious...

Grace and Consequences in Real Life: and good episode for parents 0

42: Grace & Consequence in Real Life

In which I take a few minutes to welcome the new listeners, and talk about why the church needs to be talking more about mental health. Then I tackle the concept of GRACE in our parenting and in our dealings...


Brushing Aside Pride and Being Honest

(This should be a post about Easter, right? It’s Easter week and this is a Christian blog! This is not a post about Easter.) I don’t usually think of myself as someone who struggles with anxiety and depression. I know...


For the Days When It’s Piling Up

There’s always something I’m striving for. Always something not-quite-right that I need to fix. And at its core, this isn’t a bad thing. I should definitely want to improve my life and the lives of my neighbors (especially those of...


40: Stay with Me

    Today’s episode attempts to look at John 15:1-11. I used to cringe when I heard the word “abide.” Why? Because it scared me. Take a listen to find out what my messed up deal was.  I mention some...


Lamb of God

A favorite hymn of mine, written by Twila Paris. So good to reflect on during Lent. Feel free to download onto your device or Pin it so you have it handy!  

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