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50: Baptized Into Christ, Interview with Pastor Jordan Cooper

This week I get to share my interview with Pastor Jordan Cooper about his book Baptized Into Christ! He shares insight on a number of things including intimacy with Christ, Jesus as the example, and being holy and sinful at the...

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Recommended Reading: Christ in the Chaos

Today I’m pleased to present a guest post from Katie Koplin! She and I were chatting about the book Christ in the Chaos and decided we should share how great this book is with readers. Definitely check it out and...


33: Without This Ring, A Conversation with Donna Pyle

When I opened Donna Pyle’s book Without This Ring: Surviving Divorce to prepare for our interview, I was not prepared for how powerful her story and guidance would be. Silly of me since I’m a big fan of Donna’s and...


022: Positive Thinking is Not Biblical Thinking

I was doing some blog-housecleaning and discovered that this podcast episode never made its way to the blog! So weird. Anyway, this was a great show and this book is really profound! Enjoy!     Today’s long awaited episode is...


Recommended Reading: Home

Today my friend and talented writer Kathy Strauch shares with us her review of Home, a book about our eternal home. Heaven is a popular topic, but I think Elyse offers a refreshingly Scriptural explanation coupled with the questions and...

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