Attention: Moms Who Need Refreshed

This summer has been great and it’s not over yet.  The weather has been amazing around here and my kids are more manageable at this age then they ever were before.  We have a few more weeks yet, but we can all feel the school year coming up on us… the inklings of a desire for a routine… something fidgeting inside us. 
August is almost here, it whispers.  
August might mean different things for all of us, but the end of summer is pretty much synonymous with people getting back into the swing of things.  Community awaits – whether it be school starting, everyone back in the office, or the pews at church being a little fuller again.  By the time we hit September, ready or not, life is on full speed again.  
Moms of school-age kids are usually about ready for some routine again and moms of the preschoolers can often feel it too.  The sun is up for so long it’s hard to get kiddos to turn in.  So many special events, schedules are tough to stick by.  And where is everyone?!  Extroverts with babies might be dying for a scheduled moms group. Lots of advice on being a mom at the family reunion, but that’s not really what new moms are yearning for.  
Just smile and nod, boys.

August is almost here.
There it is again. I can hear it getting louder as the minutes tick by.   

If you or someone you know is planning a year of mom-fellowship, hot of the press is my pitch to speak to your group! 😉  I’d love to be considered and would be honored to join you!  
* * * * *
This school year..
when you finally get the chance
to gather together w/ a
community of fellow moms…

who make you feel less crazy,
and like your not-so-perfect life
is exactly where you’re supposed to be

…I’d love to join you!  

* 2014/2015 presentations *

Godspeed, Mama!
4 surprising things every mom needs 
that will transform her 
perspective and her relationships,
bringing her closer to God
…and sanity.

When Your House Falls Down
My house literally fell down!!
I’d love to tell you this ridiculous story and
the 3 ways we can cope when
our plans are falling down around us.  

* Contact me for scheduling *

See you there!

angie wagner

* * * * *

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