At the Root

my sin problem

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At the root, my beliefs are about me being sinful and needing justification from my God.

My goals aren’t about living the perfect life or expecting my morality to improve over time until I’m basically saying all the right things in the wisdom of my old age.

The answer to the problem I start with – my sin problem – is the God who asks me to seek Him in order to find life.

Over and over again in Scripture, we see examples of people who recognized their sin problem and seek after the only one who offers a path of righteousness.

We don’t see perfect lives. Pristine morality. Or all the right words.

Except for Jesus.

Only the perfect life of this sinless man, lived with all the right wisdom and rich words of truth.

The report of his life doesn’t exist because He is such a great example for us to model our own lives after.

His reputation and history prove to us He was the perfect lamb. Slain for the sins of many. Given in our place. A life laid down so mine would be spared.

He is the answer to my sin problem.

And so He is a crucial element at the root of my beliefs.

Not because I think I can.

But because He did.

My dead heart is healed.
My soul is rescued.
My sinful problem solved.

His righteousness covers me
and makes me,
at the root,
washed clean.



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