A Whole Lotta Grace

I love fresh starts and that includes New Years.

But this year I wasn’t feeling it.

I was worried about the coming weeks; not really excited to see what they would hold. And I felt unanchored and detached. The shift to full-time work made so much of my life feel foreign and I didn’t know what to expect. From myself or others.

Without the grace of God my feet are firmly planted in, I would have been even more desperate to figure it all out. Without the margins I’ve learned to allow, I would have filled every waking hour searching for and inventing solutions. Without the merciful truth of the Gospel, my month would have been much worse.

But I found a whole lotta grace instead.

I needed to step away. I need to clear my mind. I needed to give myself the chance to better assess my surroundings — and grace allowed for that.

Christ has already done all the heavy lifting. I don’t have to prove myself to Him. I don’t have to earn my keep. I don’t have to fix myself up to be acceptable in His sight.

He’s proven His faithfulness. He’s paid the ultimate price for ME. He’s fixed me all up and, baptized in His name, I’m blameless before Him.

I would still like to prove a lot of things to myself and the world. I still want to serve my neighbor the best I can. I still have work to do.

And with a whole lotta grace my goals might very well come to fruition.

But not on my own leaning on my own abilities. Not as a result of me scurrying around trying to fix everything myself, trying to be the hero.

It’s only with all this grace that anything around here gets accomplished. And I like that scenerio so much better than the alternatives.

Embrace all the grace God is offering. Rest in His mercy.

He’s got plenty to give.

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