50: Baptized Into Christ, Interview with Pastor Jordan Cooper

This week I get to share my interview with Pastor Jordan Cooper about his book Baptized Into Christ! He shares insight on a number of things including intimacy with Christ, Jesus as the example, and being holy and sinful at the same time! The book is very readable and accessible while still giving in-depth insight into the foundational aspects of our faith. Justification and sanctification are explored, with personal stories and elaboration on Scripture that is sure to enlighten and edify. 

The sound quality could have been better if we had done it over the phone, but we decided it would be more fun to have a conversation in person so I took that trade-off. Lisa and Jordan Cooper don’t live far from me and I’m grateful to have them around! Some of the things we cover:

  • How does Christ’s death help ME?
  • Baptism as a concrete promise to me from God, embodying the historical and personal promise of salvation. 
  • How are we “baptized into Moses”?
  • If-then statements in the Bible? (You know I get worked up about those.)
  • Is Jesus an example of how we are to live? 
  • Pastor’s take on vocation. What has God called you to in the here and now?
  • How can we be sinful and holy at the same time? We aren’t supposed to ignore the fact that we sin. Also, we won’t be perfect in this lifetime…
  • The intimacy of Christ. Mystical union. What?!

Take a listen and then tell me what you think! Oh and here’s where you can find Jordan and this book and other useful content from him:


Baptized Into Christ with Jordan Cooper


Baptized Into Christ, the book!

Just & Sinner Podcast

Just & Sinner Publishing

Just & Sinner Blog







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